Around Bergen Aan Zee you can enjoy wonderful hikes all year round, both in the Noordhollands Duinreservaat and in the Schoorlse Duinen. By chance or along one of the signposted trails.

Short and long trails

There are short trails of only a few kilometres, but there are also trails that take you several hours. The signage is good and clear. A relaxing walk through the dunes or to one of the surrounding villages Bergen, Schoorl, Camperduin or Egmond Aan Zee. You will enjoy peace, space and breathtaking nature.


Access to the northern nature reserve Schoorlse Duinen is free. For the southern Noordhollands Duinreservaat a dune card, an admission card, is required. There are day, week or year tickets, which are available at various points of sale. You can buy a day pass at the ticket machine at the entrance or with your smartphone. Most accommodations in Bergen Aan Zee include an admission card with your stay.