Whether you enter Bergen aan Zee by car, by bike or on foot, the characteristic little church of Peace with its thatched roof is hard to miss. It stands in an open dune area at the edge of the village and was built in 1918 on the initiative of Mrs Marie Amalie Dorothea van Reenen- Völter, wife of the then mayor of Bergen.

Gesture of peace

After the horrors of the First World War, she wanted to make a gesture of peace and founded “a little church for everyone” during this war. Not linked to any religion or church community, but unattached and accessible to everyone.


For that reason alone, the Peace Church is a special building. But also because of the architecture, the beautiful location, the stained glass windows and the beautiful interior with the woodcarved pulpit as a highlight. In the summer and at Christmas, services are held there that are ecumenical in character – entirely in the spirit of the founder. In addition, the church is regularly used as a wedding location and for funeral services. Throughout the year, almost weekly events take place in the fields of art, culture, poetry and music.